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Charm of multifaceted stone

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  • Release on :2019-06-13
  The multi-faceted tile of the tile is the reshaping of the second soul of the tile. Faceted stone can greatly enhance and enrich the surface texture of the tile. Through the characteristics of the multi-faceted manufacturing process, it can also meet the application scenarios of tiles in different spaces. Physical performance characteristics of the demand.

  What is the aspect of the tile? Tiled multi-faceted bricks refer to the surface treatment of tile surfaces, ie tile surfaces with the same texture have several different surface effects. More common are glossy surfaces, matte surfaces, soft surfaces, semi-throwed surfaces and dry surfaces. Particle surface, abrasive surface, etc.

  What does the multifaceted stone of this stone mean? Texture is one of the important features ceramic tileMulti-faceted stones can make the surface texture of the tiles more abundant. At the same time, it offers various possibilities for the physical properties of the tile surface and, to a certain extent, increases the product category. A variety of products offer consumers more choices.

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