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Why is Carrara white marble so popular?

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  • Release on :2019-08-28
  Why is Carrara white marble so popular? Mainly due to its unique physical structure! “This kind of marble is slightly rough, it is a sugar-like structure, it is easier to cut than other marbles. It inherits the classic, elegant, natural and unique texture of white design, smooth and bright texture, giving space a simple beauty. White symbolizes purity and Elegant, it creates a rich and delicate aesthetic experience. Its gray texture is matched with the ground and the wall, making it simple and fashionable, and the body and mind swimming here is the ultimate release. In the eyes of the designer, the white is The most perfect color in nature, the charm of white is unparalleled.

  Carrara white tiles have always been highly sought after because of their elegant temperament and extraordinary style carved into the bone marrow. In addition, the texture is rough and the overall effect is calm and stylish, and it never goes out of style.Let the space luxury reveal a little natural atmosphere, and the tight emotions are also soothing, so that people can relax and enjoy the perfect home space with ease and pleasure.

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