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What is marble mosaic? Marble mosaic mosaic features

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  • Release on :2019-06-15
  Marble is one of the most popular decorative materials. Mainly because the marble itself is full of its own unique colors. In fact, marble can also be made into mosaics on the walls, and the effect of laying is also very good. There are some features of marble mosaics and marble mosaics.

the first. What is a marble mosaic?

  The marble mosaic is made from unique native stone. It does not contain a small amount of chemical dyes. The marble mosaic retains the unique quaint colour of the stone itself. This natural marble mosaic immerses people in unpretentious colors and high-quality natural textures. It naturally forgets the glitz and reality in reality. Oh, in this fuzzy time space, its taste is real and simple.

Second, the characteristics of marble mosaic stitching

Material innovationThe usual mosaic materials are stone, glass or metal. Through the novel manufacturing process, the mosaic has been innovated in texture, with gold, shells, coconut shells and bamboo mosaics. Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are the most widely used, and mosaics using other materials are not common, but they can also be rich in spatial expression.

2, a lot of colorsMosaic is not limited to some beautiful colors, the same dark color is also everyone's favorite, it can play a vital role in the mosaic color.

3, small sizeCommon specifications are 20mm × 20mm, 25mm × 25mm, 50mm × 50mm and so on. Now, as needed, there is 10mm × 10mm. This small size is mainly used against murals and special patterns. The above specifications are mainly used in the market. "Lian" is sold for the unit. This is a practical unit that puts a mosaic on a piece of paper.

4, random collageMosaics of different colors, sizes and styles can have different visual effects, such as planes of the same color, transitions of the same color, patterns of different colors, tiles for other decorative materials such as tiles. Decoration, etc., is the successful application of mosaic tiles, and can also play a finishing touch.

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