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Tile floor parquet precautions

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  • Release on :2019-06-19
  Ceramic tile as one of the most basic decoration materials, in order to achieve better decoration effect, the designer will achieve better decorative effect through the tile floor mosaic design. However, the decorative effect achieved by the tile floor mosaic is very obvious.However, if the tile floor is not installed carefully, it will affect the decoration effect.

  Let's take a look at the precautions for tile floor parquet.

1, the tile floor parquet should be pre-designed to install the pre-designed effect, so that the pre-designed effect can be achieved.

2, before the tile floor parquet, the floor surface of the floor tile can be placed against the wall, and the corners of each floor tile should be foamed to prevent damage to the corners of the floor tiles. It is forbidden to press heavy objects on the surface of the ground floor tiles.

3, use cement or tile adhesive with good adhesion when laying

4, when laying the paving, make sure that the base surface of the floor tile has no loose objects and oil stains, and the surface of the floor tiles should be firm and flat.

5, to keep the base layer flat, and then reserve the entire piece of parquet thickness.

6, the tiled tiles should be soaked, and pay attention to adjust the height of the mosaic size.

7, the entire tile can be ordinary with the surrounding tiles, so that the flatness of the flower is better.

8. After the tile floor is finished, some fine adjustments are needed. At this time, you can use a rubber hammer to gently tap in the middle of the floor tile, and then adjust the edge of the tile.

  I would like to introduce the precautions about the tile floor mosaic, I hope to help everyone. Want to know more relevant knowledge can pay attention to Reashine network information.

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