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The practicability of rustic tile

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  • Release on :2019-08-06
  Advantages of rustic tile From a practical point of view, the paving of rustic tile is inherently personalized, and can be personalized according to the design of the colors. The use of rustic tile abroad is far greater than that of polished tiles. It is almost impossible to polish this brick.

  From the point of view of the use of experience, after the smooth surface of the polished tiles, almost no problem can be solved, the rustic tile can just solve this problem. Therefore, in public places, the practicality of rustic tile is gradually improved, and the problem of slipping down the elderly and children is also gradually improved in the family.And the rustic tile is almost matt, does not exist.Light pollution sourcethis problem.Polished and rustic tile,This is similar to the contrast between a clear glass bulb and a matte bulb.

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