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The future trend of fully polished glazed tiles

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  • Release on :2019-06-10

Trends in 2019 and future markets  

The full glaze will be upgraded to “full throw dry granules”. The full glaze has been in the Chinese market for many years, and at present, it is still a main product. why? Because the whole of Asia has always been a soft spot for glossy products, this product can't be left in the current market.

However, the biggest problem with full glaze is that it is not wear-resistant, which makes the product of the full glaze never sell. Therefore, the new products will go to the high-end point, so now the tile manufacturers upgraded the full glaze to "full throw dry granules". This upgrade will be the future direction of development. And this "full throw dry grain" must be done without wave pattern, although it is difficult, but our tile manufacturers have to go in this direction.

Tiles can be seen, most of the products are in the direction of the stone, especially the large board in the future, the direction of the stone is more clear. Everyone can see, Carrara, Karakata, this so-called fish belly white, jazz white, this is the best selling products on the market, and will never decline. Whether it is polished or not polished, this product will continue to go on, because this is what we can see on the earth, everyone feels better, a decorative product that everyone can easily accept.

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