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The floor tile of waterproof and anti-fouling - rustic tile

  • Author:reashine
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  • Release on :2019-08-07
  The contrast between antique bricks and polished tiles is very good.

  In the antifouling problem. Even the best polished tiles for 2-3 years have been stained with sallow yellow, almost 5 years or so, must be renovated and paved. There are almost no such problems with antique bricks.From the water absorption rate, the antique bricks are originally porcelain glazed tiles, the porcelain base itself and the polished tiles are no different, the difference is only the whiteness and the formula that can be thrown, so the water absorption rate of the green body can reach about 0.1%. There is no difference between the polished tiles, but the surface of the two bricks is completely different. The surface of the antique bricks will never absorb water (stain).

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