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The color difference of the tiles is really beautiful.

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  • Release on :2019-06-09
There are no two identical leaves in the world.

- Leibniz

People can't step into the same river twice

—The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus

You can't buy two identical pieces.ceramic tile

-ceramic tile

In a globally standardized society, ordinary people like to unify the standard design style, consistent color uniform size, can not tolerate a little deviation. But the deviation of color in the eyes of people who truly understand life and understand beauty is considered to be the highest art in nature.
The color difference, the character of a tile, the natural texture, and the luxurious texture are the greatest value of the tile. In the hands of excellent designers, the color difference of the tiles is not a problem! Not afraid of the color difference of the tiles, I am afraid that the decoration has no idea. Compared with the boring and boring of a single color, this is not easy to cause a dull, full of individual decoration style, destined to be accepted by customers who pursue higher quality of life!

Using chromatic aberration products, the natural transition in texture and color, the tiles are similar but not the same, but there are different surprises. For individual interior wall tiles andMosaicThis specially created "color difference" is more common.

Products with various chromatic effects are considered to be an artistic beauty. Tiles with similar colors and different colors show different visual effects, and the more they look, the more they look. Don't say that the color difference is not good, this is also the charm of the tile.

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