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Tell you that mosaics must be paved with a neutral binder?

  • Author:reashine
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  • Release on :2019-08-10
  In the process of home decoration, the most common material for paving white cement, but why can't mosaic be paved with white cement?

  What kind of damage will it bring to the mosaic if it is decorated with white cement? The main component of white cement is calcium carbonate. When calcium carbonate is mixed with water, it produces chemical substances containing acid or alkali which are very easy to chemically react with metal compounds. Most of the mosaics contain metal compounds, especially glass mosaics such as metal mosaics and gold foils, mirrors, and electroplating. They are particularly sensitive to pH. Because they are not melted at high temperatures, the color layer and the glass layer are connected by glue. Once the white cement is used for the mosaic paste, the product is easily oxidized and blackened. Therefore, only neutral adhesives can be used for pasting and caulking, so as to better protect the durability of the mosaic.

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