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Stone mosaic blooms

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  • Release on :2019-06-27
 As a traditional and powerful decoration, mosaic is a very expressive art form in modern decoration, occupying a very important role in home decoration.Although ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are the most widely used, other material mosaics are less common, but they can also be perfectly decorated with rich spaces.Natural stone is also one of the most popular decoration materials, mainly because the natural stone itself is full of its own unique colors. The stone mosaic made of natural stone is laid on the wall, and the effect of laying is also very good.

  So what is stone mosaic?Stone mosaic is a mosaic of natural stone material that is opened, cut and polished into mosaic tiles of various specifications and shapes. It has no added chemical dyes and is the oldest and most traditional mosaic variety.

  The earliest mosaics are inlaid and collaged with pebbles, while the stone mosaics have a pure natural and natural texture. They have a very natural natural stone texture. The style is natural, simple and elegant. It is the highest grade in the mosaic family.According to the different processing techniques, stone mosaic has two forms: matt surface and bright surface. The specifications are square, strip, rounded, round and irregular plane, rough surface and so on.

  Decorating the wall or the floor with this material preserves the quaint color unique to the stone itself and the rustic feel of the stone itself, and enriches the pattern. This natural stone mosaic makes people stand in the space built by the unpretentious colors and the excellent natural texture. It naturally forgets the glitz and ambiguity in reality, and appreciates the truth and simplicity in this blurred time space. .

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