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Sri Lanka, we are here.

  • Author:reashine
  • Source:reashine
  • Release on :2019-02-22
    At the beginning of the new year, our company Cindy Peng invited customers to visit the scenic and rich tourist destination - Sri Lanka. Customers saw our company launch at the 32nd China (Foshan) International Ceramics and Bathroom Expo (CERAMBATH) in 2018. New design and new specifications of ceramic tiles: 300x600mm \ 300x800mm \ 300x900mm \ 400x900mm \ 600x600mm \ 600x1200mm customers very much recognize our company's ceramic tiles, he feels that our style is very novel, the quality is very good, and warmly invite us to go to their country to open up the market,

   This time our colleague Cindy Peng went to Sri Lanka to visit the customer. The customer took her to see the customer's showroom and construction site, and promised to purchase our company's ceramic tiles and mosaics.