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Mixed mosaics can also be great

  • Author:reashine
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  • Release on :2019-06-29
  The biggest advantage of mosaic is that it breaks the straight line appearance of stone and tile. The mosaic can be curved, soft and natural, and the shape of the particles is varied. It combines traditional aesthetic appeal with modern craftsmanship. It is elegant and noble, and it is full of vitality. It adds charm and dynamic to the interior decoration. Together with the particles of different materials to form a mixed mosaic, the flexible and varied features of the mosaic can be fully utilized to make the whole picture more diversified and achieve mutual effect.

  Today, the materials that can be used to make mosaics are more and more flexible.
From traditional marble, small pebbles, glass bricks, pottery, porcelain and enamel, to any material you can use in your life, such as buttons, cutlery or stationery. In today's era of high industrial technology, glass inlays made of gold and silver can also be produced in large quantities. As a traditional and powerful decorative method, hybrid mosaic has become a very expressive art form in modern decoration.

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