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Method of identifying Rustic tile

  • Author:reashine
  • Source:reashine
  • Release on :2019-07-26
  I introduced the advantages of Rustic tile to everyone. Today, I will tell you about the methods of identifying good and bad antique bricks. The commonly used methods are to measure the water absorption rate, listen to the sound of tapping, scrape the brick surface, and look at the color difference. The easiest way to measure water absorption is to pour a glass of water on the back of the tile. It spreads rapidly, indicating a high water absorption rate. It is not suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Because the kitchen and bathroom are often in a water environment, the water absorption rate must be compared. Low products are only available. A good product gives a crisp sound by tapping with a hand, that is, using a hard object to scratch the glazed surface of the brick, and leaving no trace, and the color difference of the same batch of bricks is very small, and the gloss texture is also very consistent, so that comparison is made. Suitable for large-area overall paving, creating a harmonious atmosphere of aesthetics.

  After the quality is passed, the choice of colors, patterns, specifications and styles depends on the owner's preferences. Antique bricks are generally durable and will accompany their families for a long time. Only pleasing masterpieces can stand the test of popularity.

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