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Medium-sized interior wall tiles are selling well

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  • Release on :2019-06-08
In recent years, with the popularity of large-size ceramic tiles in the entire ceramic industry, tiles have been greatly expanded in floor covering and application, and various types of large-scale tile floor application solutions have been fully prepared. However, there is relatively little focus on large-size ceramic tile interior wall tiles.

Therefore, in the ceramic industry where ceramic tile slabs prevail, the medium-sized interior wall tile products have very market prospects and may show explosive growth.

■ What are the advantages of medium-sized interior wall tiles?

1The product brick is porcelain vitrified with low water absorption rate. The product is pressed and formed by relatively high tonnage press in the production process, and is fired after a long time in the later stage;

2The surface of the tile is rich in texture and excellent in texture effect. The process expression of the medium-sized interior wall tile products on the glaze line and the surface printing process can be superimposed in a more complicated way.

3The medium-sized interior wall brick has good seismic strength. The specific performance is that the green body is more solid. In the production process, the green body powder should be ball milled into a slurry by using a more fine ball milling machine;

4The product size is more standard, and the production process standard of the medium-sized interior wall brick is basically close to the common production standard of the full-glazed or antique brick, so the dimensional error of the later molding is smaller.

■ What is the difference between a ceramic tile and a traditional tile?

1 water absorption rate is different,The ceramic tile is a porcelain brick, the water absorption rate is relatively low, mostly under the control of 1% or double zero standard, while the traditional porcelain tiles belong to the ceramic brick, the water absorption rate is generally high, the water absorption rate is generally 8%-12 %;

2 brick density is different,The bricks in the ceramic tile have higher degree of vitrification, higher density and higher damage resistance. The traditional ceramic tiles are ceramic green bodies. The high water absorption rate and low brick density are the prominent features of traditional ceramic tiles. At the same time, the traditional ceramic tiles are resistant. The damage strength is also relatively low;

3 wear resistance is different,The wear resistance of the surface of the ceramic tile is higher than that of the traditional ceramic tile, because the density of the brick in the ceramic tile is high and the water absorption rate is low, while the traditional ceramic tile has low density and high water absorption, which leads to the wear resistance of the traditional ceramic tile is not as good as the inner wall of the inner plate. brick;

4 performance is different,The surface effect of the ceramic tile surface is diversified. The surface can be molded with various types of deep abrasive tools. At the same time, various dry grain effects can be applied to the surface, and the surface can also be polished by various polishing processes. Porcelain products can't be done.

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