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How to clean the mosaic?

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  • Release on :2019-06-28
  Ceramic mosaics can be said to be more commonly used in decoration. Most of these ceramics are used for embellishment, and this product has excellent anti-slip performance and is also good in visual effects, so more and more Consumers can choose it. But ceramic mosaic is different from ceramic tile. Whether it is wall tile or floor tile, it is larger than mosaic size. Mosaic particle size is small. If it is spread, it means more gaps. How to clean the mosaic?

There are two common ways to clean mosaics in general:
1, clean water cotton wipe
  It is possible to wipe it with clean water and a cotton cloth that absorbs water. First of all, we must know that the surface of the mosaic is relatively flat, so it is not easy to hide the dirt, it is much more convenient to clean.
2, cleaning agent brushing
  If it is a floor, this time depends on whether there is a drainage system installed on the floor. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it again. Then you can add water to it with a detergent. After that, wipe it with a wrung rag. Generally speaking, this is almost the same. If it is the floor of the shower room, you can spray it directly after the shower every day. This effect is also good.

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