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How to choose the right pool mosaic

  • Author:Reashine
  • Source:Reashine
  • Release on :2019-07-01
  Just after the summer solstice, the heat continued, swimming became one of the most popular sports styles nowadays, and the swimming room environment was also taken seriously. However, the pool mosaic products on the market are dazzling, and there are many brands of shoddy and shoddy brands. When used for a long time, there will be problems such as bulging, falling off, discoloration and slippery, which seriously affect the beauty and safety of the swimming pool. So, how to correctly choose the pool mosaic, here are two basic reference directions for your reference:

1. Do you choose high-density and high-quality glaze?
As we all know, the glaze can not only make the color and texture of the pool mosaic products look vivid and attractive, but also durable and resistant to dirt and slip. In order to save costs, general mosaic manufacturers often use cheaper low-grade glazes, while Reashine Sike insists on using high-end glazes and raw materials, only to create a national mosaic professional brand, truly antibacterial, anti-corrosive, acid-resistant, non-slip, wear-resistant, high Brightness, easy to clean and so on.

2. Is the production process strict? Is the firing time sufficient?
Because the swimming pool is used as an outdoor place, it often suffers from the cold and extremely hot weather factors in winter and summer, and the physical characteristics of the mosaic product's thermal expansion and contraction occur. The ordinary products on the market are often insufficient in temperature and time for firing, so the above-mentioned quality problems often occur. However, Reashine has been focusing on the development and production of various mosaic products such as swimming pool mosaics, using the world's top ceramic mosaic production equipment, absorbing and digesting advanced production technology at home and abroad, and having stable anti-freeze and anti-freeze resistance after high-temperature firing. High temperature characteristics!

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