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How to choose crystal glass mosaic

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  • Release on :2019-06-24
  With the development of society, people are becoming more and more fashionable in the decoration of home style. Among them, crystal glass mosaics have different colors and various patterns, which can make the whole room full of dreams and give artistic sense, so it is deeply loved by consumers. So how do you buy crystal glass mosaics?

Below we will teach you how to buy crystal glass mosaics.

1. Not only the decorative area of ​​the decorative object should be 20% of the total area, but also the glass mosaic with even stripes.

2. When purchasing, look at the back of a single glass mosaic for jagged or stepped grooves. If it is not, you can't choose it, because it will not be firm, which will directly affect our personal safety.

3. From the mosaic 40cm in the natural light, visually check whether the mosaic has cracks, corners, etc. If there is any, it is not suitable for purchase, it will bring inconvenience to the future life and also affect the beauty of the room.

4. Randomly extract nine mosaics to form a square, and put it in a place with sufficient light to see if the gloss of the paint surface is uniform. If it is uneven, it will fade in the humid room and affect the appearance of the wall.

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