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How does the tiling of the ground that interior decorates and wall stick ability to be beautiful

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  • Release on :2019-06-21
  Many times I visit a friend's house and see the decorative print tiles in the bathroom or the entrance. I feel so beautiful. I want to copy it and apply it to my bathroom and entrance. How do you look at the bathroom and the porch tiles?

  In general, the monotonous tiles are far weaker than the tiles in the decorative effect. What is the tile? It can be understood as the surface of the decorative tile, the overall feeling has a mosaic effect, but the tile mosaic process is the same as the puzzle, through a number of different materials stitching, and the tiles are different, left alone with a piece Therefore, in the layout and matching, the effect is a bit like a wallpaper. The main effect is that different repeating delicate patterns are listed on the wall.

  This type of hard-packed material is very popular on indoor walls, especially in the wall space where the tiles and kitchens are used more efficiently, and the use of tiles on the ground is rare. It may be that the effect on the ground is too complicated, which leads to the dizziness of walking on the top, but the same type of design is also available, generally used in the bathroom floor, a small amount will be used on the porch floor, for example, The splicing of the geometry, although everyone is independent of each other, but also through the geometry of the geometry, to create an excellent mosaic effect, giving a kind of unintentional effect.

1. About the ground laying
The ground laying, the basic geometry of the tiles can create a kind of unintentional mosaic effect, but this kind of decoration is not enough for many families, so it lacks artistic effect, and the overall visual sense is In the case of not being destroyed, in fact, the tiles with more artistic patterns are more popular in the eyes of people with special aesthetics. Whether it is laying a wall or the ground, the purchase problem about it must be properly solved, and the effect is not good. The effect of the tiles is definitely not good.

2, about the wall laying
The area of ​​the wall is generally much larger than that on the ground. When calculating the area required for the wall material, the family draws a conclusion from the wall area × 2.5 times. The bathroom may not need to be on the entire wall. Wrap-around tiles, even if needed, to stack the surrounding tiles together to the ceiling, it is also to adhere to a theorem, that is, the position of the waistline.
On the bathroom wall, it is recommended not to be like the ground, large-scale arrangement of colored tiles, white tile effect is better, otherwise it will be a top-heavy, overwhelming. The core laying position of the tile is to highlight the waistline. Even if the original bathroom does not have a waistline, the tile extends all the way to the ceiling, and the middle can insert tiles to achieve a visual effect that mimics the waistline and conforms to the aesthetic concept of modern home.

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