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Glass mosaic purchase considerations

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  • Release on :2019-07-05
  As an important material for laying wall surfaces in home decoration, glass mosaic has been developed to the present day. In addition to retaining the basic functions of wear resistance and waterproofing, the forms and types are more and more diverse, so it is also favored by more and more families. As an important material for wall decoration of household materials, we should know some relevant knowledge in terms of purchase and installation.

Glass mosaic purchase considerations

Single block purchase note:
1. The back of the monolithic glass mosaic should have a jagged or stepped groove.
2. The backing paper used should not be torn during reasonable handling and normal construction.
3, 0.5 m from the glass mosaic in natural light, visual inspection for cracks, defects, missing edges, corners.
4. In addition to ensuring the adhesive strength, the adhesive used should be easily wiped off from the glass mosaic. The adhesive used does not damage the backing paper or discolor the glass mosaic.
5, glass mosaic with stripes and other decoration, the decorative area of ​​the decoration should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution is even.
6. Randomly extract nine square glass mosaics into squares, place them in a place with sufficient light, and visually measure whether the gloss is uniform at a distance of 1.5 meters.

The whole set of purchase notes:
1. Each joint should be printed with the name of the trademark and manufacturer. The surface of the package shall be printed with the product name, factory name, registered trademark, date of manufacture, color number, specification, quantity and weight (gross weight, net weight), and shall be marked with signs such as moisture resistance, fragility and stacking direction.
2. Each box of products must be accompanied by an inspection certificate.
3, glass mosaic packaging in cartons, the box should be lined with moisture-proof paper, product placement should be tight and orderly!

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