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Glass mixed stone Mosaic selection

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  • Release on :2019-08-09
  With the continuous advancement of society, people pay more attention to family decoration. The advancement of science and technology has made the decoration materials in modern home decoration increase. I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with mosaic decoration materials, and many families are now used in large quantities. The characteristics are loved and sought after by some young people. Due to the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness, mosaic tiles are also widely used in the family. However, the mosaic of single material can not meet the customers who pursue high-quality home environment, so there are two Mixed mosaics of two or more materials, which are more artistic and decorative in terms of visual effects. Next, I will introduce you how to choose this glass mixed stone mosaic.

  First check that the glass mosaic particles are flat, check that the edges of each small particle are neat, and place the monolithic mosaic on a level surface to see if it is as flat as the stone mosaic particles. Look at the glass mosaic particles for cracks and flaws, etc., whether the color is uniform, it is best to carry out this inspection under strong light.

  The second inspection of stone mosaics requires attention to the rigorous process: the first is to touch the glaze, you can feel its anti-slipness; then look at the thickness, the thickness determines the density, the density is high, the water absorption rate is low; the last is to look at the texture, the inner layer is usually glazed It is a good quality mosaic. Finally, we must also pay attention to the low water absorption of the mosaic: this is the element to ensure the durability of the mosaic, so we must check the water absorption rate. Put the water droplets on the back of the mosaic, the quality of the water droplets spilling out is good, and the quality of the infiltration is poor.

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