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Four common Mosaic laying methods

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  • Release on :2019-08-12
  As an ancient and relatively varied wall decoration technique, mosaic has not yet withdrawn from the stage of fashion. Instead, it has become a decorative material that is increasingly sought after in this age. The color of the mosaic has become rich and varied, and even its once-changing sculpt has brought a new sensory experience to the wall layout of our living room. Next, we will introduce four commonly used mosaic paving methods.

  Comprehensive method: A traditional way of spreading the entire space with a combination of mosaics of one or two colors. In this way, the entire wall selects the mosaic of the mosaic, which is prominent as the background wall decoration; on the other hand, it is functional division, and different functional areas are divided.

  Embellishment method: It can be applied to walls, floors, stoves, waistlines and other parts at will, and it can be used as a finishing touch for other decorative materials.

  Waterfall method: From the top to the bottom of the Siamese paving method, from the ceiling, the wall to the ground, the small mosaic of color gradients is used to make the space become a more pure mosaic world. This method is mostly used in bathrooms.

  Modeling: Today, the mosaic has a variety of shapes, which gives people more room to imagine and play, using various mosaic methods, spelling out or figurative or abstract patterns.

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