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Factory Sightseeing - Warehouse

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  • Release on :2019-07-13
  Due to production needs, we came to our Ceramic tile production base. The biggest change is the expansion of the warehouse, which is 1.5 times larger than the original area of ​​the warehouse. This means that our production capacity is increased, the production volume is increased, and the storage capacity is improved. We have a more perfect production environment and ability to provide customers with the most sincere and best service. Welcome customers from all over the world to purchase high quality ceramic tiles.

  Welcome new and old customers to come to the company showroom for consultation,or contact the online customer service directly!We are sincerely at your service!We are the best glazed tile manufacturer in China,mosaic supplier, sanitary ware wholesaler, building material supplier.We are Foshan Reashine Building Material Co., Ltd.

  Foshan Reashine Building Materials Co., Ltd.is a building material manufacturing enterprise integrating production, sales and trade.With many years of work experience,Foshan Reashine is committed to providing customers with one-stop quality service.Our products range from ceramic tiles,glazed tiles,polished tiles,wall tiles,floor tiles,antique tiles,crystal glass mosaics,ceramic mosaics,stone mosaics,swimming pool mosaics,metal races mosaics,resin mosaics and more.