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Decoration effect of different shapes of mosaic patterns

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  • Release on :2019-06-18
What kind of tiles are nice in the bathroom? Nowadays, polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles have become the standard of public bathroom decoration, which inevitably lacks some new ideas. It was not until the appearance of mosaic tiles that the deadlock was broken. The mosaic pattern is perfectly integrated into the decoration, let us have a new direction for the decoration. Below, Xiaobian will lead everyone to appreciate the mosaic pattern decoration case.

First, mosaic pattern square mosaic brick

  In the case, 2*2 cm2 mosaic tiles were used, which is one of the most used specifications. No matter what the square combination pattern, it can be combined by mosaic, practical and beautiful. Construction is also very simple, it is a little time. In the picture, the light blue Marc tiles, with the log sink, give the bathroom an unprecedented level of vitality, and the face is full of freshness.

Second, mosaic pattern of circular mosaic tiles

  The use of circular mosaic tiles has only become popular in recent years. At first, many owners did not accept it, and until more and more combinations came out, they became popular. Very consistent with the aesthetics of home in modern young people. The circular mosaic tiles subvert the structure of the bathroom wall to create a strong visual impact. The most fashionable mix is ​​shown in the picture, you can choose a contrasting color to create a sense of space. This wall looks very good, the light brown tiles and the white countertops are in sharp contrast, and the taste is rising!

Third, the mosaic pattern of rectangular mosaic tiles

  Rectangular mosaic tiles look like square mosaic tiles at first glance, but have different decorative effects. Looking at this rectangular mosaic tile, I not only think of the decoration design of the most popular rectangular tile decades ago, but also has a sense of time. But now combined with glaze blue, it is a lively side of youth. The paving method of the entire wall can also bring the atmosphere of the bathroom space. The wall is designed with three recesses to hold some daily toiletries and is very practical.

Fourth, mosaic pattern of hexagonal mosaic tiles

  The hexagon is more interesting than the three mosaic tiles above. If you have a deep understanding, you can find that the kitchen tiles are in the design of the popular hexagonal tile mosaic combination. The hexagonal mosaic tiles have different decorative effects depending on their size and material. In the picture, the white hexagonal mosaic tiles, with wall lights, make this bathroom look brighter and more tidy. The double-decked countertop is also designed to meet the needs of living storage, even if there is no cabinet, this bathroom is fully functional.

The above are four common mosaic shape designs. Our company also has many other mosaic designs with different shapes and different materials, such as triangle, diamond, peach, cross, etc.

  The mosaic of the various specifications, different shapes and materials, not only can be widely used in bathroom decoration, the kitchen is also an optimal decoration place for it to play unlimitedly. This kind of design, you can boldly use it, maybe you will harvest a different home environment.

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