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Construction knowledge of glass mosaic

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  • Release on :2019-07-08
  The glass mosaic has the advantages of soft color, simple, elegant, elegant appearance, chemical stability, good thermal stability. Moreover, it has the characteristics of no discoloration, no dust accumulation, light weight, and strong bonding, and is mostly used for interior parts and balcony exterior decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, high temperature resistance, water resistance and acid resistance are in line with national standards. Therefore, most modern interior decoration will choose glass mosaic to decorate or embellish! So how does the glass mosaic work to make it show the perfect posture?

  First of all, pay attention to the mosaic in the bathroom, you need to put water glue, now the most common construction method is "cement + 108 glue + caulking agent"

Mosaic of net connection: Since the net is attached to the back of the mosaic, the cement is directly brushed during construction, glued, mosaiced, and finally the grout is filled, that is, its net is finally connected to the mosaic.

Paper-linked mosaic: Since the paper is attached to the front side of the mosaic, the construction procedure is to first brush the cement, then call the caulking agent on the back of the paper, add glue, paste the mosaic, remove the paper, then brush the grout and wipe it clean. The paper was removed during construction to reveal the front of the mosaic.

  However, due to the mosaic effect of the mosaic and the level of the mechanics have a lot to do. Good results should be evenly spaced, horizontal and vertical, with a clean joint and a smooth surface.

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