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The difference between ceramic tile and ceramic tile

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  • Release on :2019-06-16
Ceramic tile and ceramic tile? A lot of consumers are confused, thinking that they are the same product, just called different. In fact, there is a gap between the two materials. If ceramic tiles are needed, ceramic tiles are bought, which leads to waste. So we have to understand the difference between ceramic tiles before buying.

One, what is ceramic tile

Ceramic tile chose the metal that can bear high temperature and half metal oxide, mix by clay, quartz sand to wait a moment, pass by grind wait for many working procedure to process and become, make the porcelain that can bear acid alkali or stone qualitative building materials, collective name ceramic tile. For example polishing brick archaize brick and so on all belong to ceramic tile.

Second, the ceramics is what

Ceramic is a kind of inner wall brick, more layer of thin patch, choose the surface of the brick body through grinding, the surface has a sense of brightness, is a kind of brick body. But opposite opens body brick character, the surface is more bright and clean.

Three, ceramic tile tile have what difference

1. Scope of use

Ceramics is one of the ceramic tile, the surface has a porcelain face, belong to the thin strips. It fits better on walls. And ceramic tile is to point to the floor tile that has porcelain face, suit to stick at the ground more.

2. Internal texture

Ceramic on the internal requirements of higher, can not exist in a single bubble. Because the ceramic tile with air bubbles is easy to crack when it is exposed to temperature difference. And ceramic tile is fired by China clay and become, whether to internal bubble requirement is not high, without what too big effect.

3, the thickness of the

The distinction with ceramic tile surface the most apparent is thickness degree differ, ceramic tile is thicker apparently a lot of, ceramic tile belongs to a kind of thin.

4. Skid resistance

Because porcelain piece and ceramic tile surface requirement are different, porcelain piece requirement is smoother better, and surface of ceramic tile requirement needs to have certain prevent slippery sex, walk above otherwise, safe performance is poorer.

5, weight,

Besides the way of above, we can still distinguish ceramic tile ceramic tile through weigh in class when buying. Generally speaking, ceramic tiles feel lighter, while ceramic tiles are more than twice as heavy as ceramic tiles

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