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Beautiful pink sandstone antique brick

  • Author:reashine
  • Source:reashine
  • Release on :2019-10-08
  Today, I will introduce you to a piece of antique brick in pink slate style. The texture is pink.

  The color of the pink sandstone antique bricks to the color texture is randomly formed, each piece is unique, the overall effect is harmonious and natural, high-grade atmosphere! The girl’s feeling reveals romance and innocence, and the home decoration is elegant and warm. The playful and fashionable space, if it is decorated with brass-colored metal, then the retro sense of Europe in the 1950s will be leaping to the front; and the large-scale gray-white marble is also the best visual matching of pink, clean and delicate, exquisite to design bursting; If you boldly combine pink with high-saturation dark blue, deep purple or pure black, it is another mystery and distinct. Can be matched with black lines. Or you can match the dark green lines. Of course, purple and yellow are good choices.

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