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Amazonita marble glazed tile

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  • Release on :2019-09-29
  There are two kinds of stone in the industry with high prestige, and the factory is called the rarest and rarest stone in the history of stone - sea ice blue and blue sea, today we will introduce our sea ice sapphire To marble tiles

  Sea ice blue English name Amazonita,color between blue and green,with white texture in the middle,bright texture,good transparency,the surface has silky glass luster,its texture is clear, smooth,overall beautiful,elegant.The structure is very similar to the jadeite,the unique twin crystal structure,the high quality sea ice blue can even be used as a substitute for jade.More rare than ordinary blue color stones. Sea ice blue characteristics:chemical formula: KAlSi3O8 hardness:6 specific gravity:2.53 - 2.56 glass gloss refractive index: 1.52 - 1.57

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