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Advantages and cleaning of stone mosaic

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  • Release on :2019-06-30
  Natural stone mosaic is made by machine cutting into small particles and hand-made. Because the mosaic material has durability, it will not peel off or change color due to environmental time. It is a high-grade decorative product with pure color, elegant and generous, and durable. , never fade characteristics. Widely used in all kinds of architectural decoration, interior decoration, is an ideal high-end decorative products

  Stone mosaic standard products are divided into six categories, namely mold mosaic, small particle mosaic, 3D mosaic, fracture surface mosaic, mosaic carpet, castle brick. Mosaic products are not equal to edge products: for the production and production of a regular standardized product that is mass-produced to meet market demand on a large scale, or when it is supplied to a project with a large amount of engineering, the general edge material Or scrap can't meet its needs. At this time, to carry out the normal production supply, then only open the bulk material or open the waste material to achieve. Mold mosaic can also be said to be a mosaic with seams. The overall structure is a non-continuous mosaic product which is composed of standardized small unit blocks of different types and different blocks, and blocks are arranged in order according to certain gap standards, position standards and pattern distribution requirements.

  Stone mosaic has the characteristics of stone and mosaic. When cleaning, use special stone cleaning agent. At the same time, pay attention to the gap between each small brick.

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