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A little "color difference", the tile looks better!

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  • Release on :2019-06-14
  In some cases, customers often have disputes with store personnel due to tile chromatic aberrations. From the customer's point of view, customers will say that the quality of the tiles is a problem. This misunderstanding is usually caused by a lack of understanding of the tiles by the end consumer. Terminal personnel are also not responsible for providing detailed instructions to customers.

  The apparent chromatic aberration of the tile is a visual effect caused by the contrast between the tile and the tile. There are no quality problems with the tiles themselves. The color difference of the tiles does not affect the use of the tiles, nor does it create physical differences with other tiles. Tiles are ceramic products that are fired at high temperatures. The complex chemical reactions of the kiln at high temperatures result in uncontrolled changes in the surface and the raw materials are uncontrollable.

  Therefore, there is a chromatic aberration caused by it, but it becomes the most unique part of the tile, which uses depth and depth to interpret more beauty.In fact, in recent years, Italy's most advanced ceramic tile design country, very popular with art design methods, is called "return to nature." Designers pursue rich changes and completely restore natural colors. Just as there are two identical leaves in nature and no two identical stones, nature's most unique charm lies in its all-encompassing richness and diversity.Therefore, the so-called "color difference" of tiles is actually a set of design logic and concepts, and also represents the trend of decorative materials.

  All of this is about man-made. It is natural. How is this "natural imitation" effect achieved?With the help of digital printing systems, digital printing systems are an important technology for presenting ceramic design effects. The unique combination of glaze and three-dimensional porcelain on the surface of ceramic materials achieves the uniqueness of each product. In designing the surface effects of each product, the ceramic technician carefully studied the color reaction of each glaze and porcelain during the firing process, taking into account the effect of the material and firing temperature on the color response. After arriving at the paving road, the whole is harmonious and unified, the transition is natural, and the space effect is better!

  The transition of ceramic product color texture is divided into four levels, V1 is solid color, no gradient effect, and then each level is gradually enhanced by this push gradient, even if the same tile can create different spatial effects, truly achieve exclusive "Private customs."

Natural color difference between products of the same lot number. Gradient

  This magical "color difference" tile, especially the laying of stone tiles and wood grain tiles, has a very amazing effect, perfect to restore the purest natural feeling, full of agility.This varying color is less likely to cause dullness than single-hole drilling and drilling, and is less likely to be aesthetically fatigued. Each tile is similar and different, it really shows the artistic level of the design!

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